What are the symptoms of Covid 19?

Covid - 19

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What Are The Symptoms of Covid?

Covid 19

What are the symptoms of covid 19? This is a question many young adults face when they first encounter this sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is difficult to recognize the early symptoms of a cold; however, once it is diagnosed, it becomes easier to cope with.

The symptoms of covid vary depending on the individual. For example, in a young woman, the disease does not usually present itself in the form of warts, but in the form of vaginal discharge with a foul odor. If a young woman’s genitals become red and tender or become itchy she should see a physician for an accurate diagnosis. An accurately diagnosed case of the disease allows the doctor to prescribe a treatment that addresses the infection itself and prevents further problems.

A pregnant woman may also exhibit the same symptoms as a man in the age range of 21 to forty-four. However, pregnant women are more prone to contract the virus. In addition, this condition does not always manifest in the way doctors expect. Many young women do not experience any symptoms at all. When in doubt, a woman should contact her gynecologist and get tested. Having the test done will help determine if there is a problem.

Another concern is the ability to conceive. While HPV cannot cause infertility, the HPV infection does prevent conception. Because of this and because of the possibility of multiple births, pregnant women are strongly encouraged to get regular pap tests (pap smears) in order to check for cancer. Cancerous cells can be detected early and treated with radiation or chemotherapy. In addition, the HPV infection can be passed on to a sexual partner.

The last, and probably the scariest symptom of all, are a rash that causes blisters or sores. These sores often itch or burn, and they can sometimes become infected with the HPV virus. This condition is extremely painful and requires immediate medical care. If the blisters become infected, they should be seen by a doctor right away.

The symptoms of HPV can vary, but the infections caused by the virus should never be ignored. If young women or men do not seek treatment when they see one or more of the symptoms, the infection can worsen and affect their health. Waiting to have the condition treated may cause damage and illness to worsen, which are not beneficial.


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